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Fterniati, A. (2013). Greek Elementary School Pupils’ Narrative Skills and Current Language Teaching Material: A longitudinal study. L1-Research Archives Online http://l1.publication-archive.com

The aim of the present paper is to discuss the findings of a research study focusing on the narrative writing skills of Greek elementary school 6th grade pupils, comparing the pupils’ performance before the current language teaching material was introduced, one year after its implementation, and six years after its implementation. An effort was also made to explore whether the pupils’ skills are influenced by gender, social background, and teachers’ practices regarding written discourse production. The research participants come from 10 public elementary schools. The findings of the study indicate that, already after the first year, the pupils’ narrative skills display a significant improvement, which is even further increased after six years. It also suggests that their skills relate to their gender, social background, and current teachers’ practices.


Authors Anna Fterniati
Publication date 2013-07-16
Collection IAIMTE 9 conference, Paris, June 11-13 2013
Subject Elementary School Pupils’ Narrative Skills and language teaching practices
Theme Elementary School Pupils’ Narrative Skills and language teaching practices
Elementary School
Genre Based Literacy Pedagogy
Language Arts Textbooks
Narrative Skills
Writing Assessment
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